Конкурс Карикатуры Смеханапа

Страна: Россия

Тема: “Смехотерапия”

Сроки: до 31 июля 2011


Dear cartoonist!
Theme of the festival: “Laughter – terapy” (doctor and patient). Supplementary theme: “Free”.
Final term of reception of any work: jule 31, 2011.
The format for originals or high-quality copies: A-4 (210 X 297 mm).
General post-offis, box 14,
Anapa, Krasnodarsky region,
RUSSIA 353 440
The format for caricatures in an electronic form: JPEG (300 dpi), max. 3 MB.
E-mail: SMEHANAPA@mail.ru
10 prize, catalogue and diploma participant.

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