Победителей конкурса в Перми

Главный приз – трехдневный тур в Пермь с культурной программой получил Максим Смагин.

Специальный приз от министра культуры, молодежной политики и массовых коммуникаций Александра Протасевича получил Николай Чернышев.

победителей конкурса в Перми

International competition of caricatures
“Perm + Culture = Europe” results

International contest of caricatures, devoted to the topic “Perm – Cultural capital of Europe” has come to its end.
During the period from 7th to 28th of June Perm office of the project “Perm – Cultural capital of Europe” received all told 138 pictures from 37 artists. Geography of the contest includes representatives of Azerbaijan, Australia, China, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Chile, Luxembourg, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine and, of course, Russia. Children embraced the contest with the same enthusiasm, as adults and professionals did. Perm office received 131 child’s pictures from Snezhinsk and Ozersk school of cartoons young students.
After the Jury’s work during the period from 29th of June to 3rd of July five leading works were distinguished. Since the Jury couldn’t determine some concrete winner, it was decided to set up public Internet voting. Public voting clarified the situation.
So, at the moment, Perm office of the project “Perm – Cultural capital of Europe” is happy to announce the leader of the Contest, who will get a trip to Perm with a cultural program.

The best caricature up to the topic is the picture of Maxim Smagin, who now lives in Ekaterinburg, Russia.
All of the children works will be rewarded with encouraging prizes, as it was decided by Perm office.

The Contest included a special nomination from the Minister of culture of Perm Region, Alexandr Protasevich with the special prizes. In this nomination winners were determined by public via Internet voting and Minister himself.
The second place took Evgeniy Snejko from Yaroslavl, Russia and Ildus Azimov, Kazan, Russia.
Leader in te nomination of Ministry of Culture in Perm Region is Nikolay Chernishev, Ozersk, Russia.

People’s Choice Award by the end of the Contest was given to Michail Slobojanin.

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