Starting from a such comprehenssible heading – Caricatures and Humor – can be considered that the caricatures as the fine arts and humor as an attractive caricature from are such occurrences that independent exist in the real material and in the spiritual ideological world, occurrences that are extreme independent of each other or sometimes and accidental they are in a mutual relation or in a mutual correlation to cause a definite spiritual state (state of pleasant feelings or gay temper of the man).
That is understood t’hat it is not complete like that. The caricatures do not exist independent without humor, on the contrary the caricatures exist exclusive together with humor. In general, humor – as humor exist in the caricatures, in other fine arts, in everyday events and on other spots. It means, humor does not exist like such. As it is characteristic for the caricatures that they can not exist without humor, so humor does not exist independent without any artistic or other expressive form.
In respect to humor stated in the caricatures, have to be mentioned that humor without exception is always presented in the caricatures, humor is an integral part of the caricatures, and humor is the most significant characteristic of the caricatures. That means, the caricatures do not exist without humor or more precisely it is a drawing that possesses any contents but humor has not been included in the drawing although that drawing has been prepared in a caricature manner and looks like as a caricature namely, it is not a caricature as clever or humor have not been included in that drawing.
This topic presents the drawings as an advertisement, a transparent, a commercial and an informative drawings but they have not caricature manner. They have not any ar-tistic value and their aim is to advertise, to inform and the like. That means that this vill be explained below as follows.
It means that the conclusion about humor is an integral part, an integral element of the caricature and it is particular to be emphasized that humor presents the caricature contents, namely its essence.
The artistic visual loking, – humor is an exterior of the caricature, that can be seen, the attractive and the most comprehensible thing that at the same time (when the ca-ricature has been looked ) has drawn closely the consumers – spectators and have kept them in a state of looking and perception. By means of internal clever humor potentials and humor influence through artistic visual and ideological clever element of the caricatures the consumers/spectators can reach the aim of the author-caricaturist namely they are familiar with his idea, message, advice.
Hov does humor express in the caricatures?
The expressive humor forms are numerous through which the humor has been expressed and has been included in the caricatures. The caricatures depending on the people tradition in the region where the caricature has been created, further more the caricatures depending on people local understands for available comic expressed forms as well as of the author-caricaturist knowledge and skills.
As role of humor has been obvious emphasized in the caricatures and humor essence meaning for existing such kind of artistic works have been worked out, now it is nece-
ssary to explain what does humor function consist of?
Art firs the humor function in the caricature is to cause laugh to the consumers-spectators. Laughing is not insignificant and without aim completely… its meaning is consisted of two basic aims, primary and secondary. The primary aim id in the attract-tive, to draw the consumers-spectators closely to the caricature and the secondary aim is the consumer – spectator attention to be kept to the caricature, to be familiar with carica-ture contents, criticism and the message that has been arisen from the criticism.
Therefore, the meaning of laughing can be found in the attractive, in the challenge that the consumers – spectators have been drawn closely to the caricature and then studying the caricature contents namely working out its idea, that is, spiritual value.
The basic humor function including in the caricature has been arisen from the criticism presenting that has been contained in humor and in the ideological message and in the advice that arisen form the criticism. In general, the humor function has been included in the caricatures.
One of the most significant artistic value to the caricature as the fine arts has been arisen from the humor function.
It has to be emphasized that humor in the caricatures has been included in two essence elements (components): at the same time humor is in the visual artistic elements (in the visual artistic component) and in the ideological spiritual element (in the ideological spiritual component). In respect to which of them is more significant we are not going to study here not only for the limited space and because of they are indivisible/they behave as main and secondary law subjects, namely they can not exist one without another. It is not necessary their meaning in the caricatures to be compared.
As we have mentioned above the basic function of humor in the caricature is the criticism and transfer of the author message-idea to the consumer-spectator; there is no pure humor or pure laughing due tolaughing. No one is laughing in vain namely, without reason. According to this, the reacon for laughing has been always found out in the criticism of the caricature, in the caricature topic and in the message that has arisen from the criticism.
The scheme of this depending four – times connection is as folowes:
Caricature drawing + humor + criticism (message) = caricature
In other words, there is no caricature without humor; there is no humor without criti-cism; (there are caricatures vithout humor); there are no caricatures without criticism; (there are criticism vithout caricatures); there are no criticism without messages; there are criticism without humor;
Humor always goes with the criticism. There is no pure humor (always in each humor and at least humor, these is criticism). In can speak about dirty but „pure humor“
can be discussed there where the criticism is generalized, minimal, invisible.
At the we would like to consider that only worked out humor can support a good caricature and a good caricature can transfer the best author – caricaturist idea – thought to the consumers-readers and that is author – caricaturist basic creative aim.

Skopje – N. Macedonia

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