For Cartoonists

Dear caricaturists / cartoonists!

Dear artist-caricaturist!
We invite you to publish information on and the creativity on the website

For this purpose it is necessary to send on e-mail address postmarat@gmail .com the following:
personal photo
cartoon, if you have it
the creative biography written in the third person
3 caricatures (1200 pixels on the bigger party) and if you have it, one model of works in other adjacent genres of the fine arts (an illustration, a collage, a cover, graphic design, a sculpture, painting …) and in other types of creativity (prose, poetry, songs …).
Surely attach available links to your site and other sources in the Internet where your works are present, and also links to your social nets and blogs.
The biography should be built according to the enclosed scheme:
Full name (written in Russian and in English)
City, country of residence
Date of birth (day, month, year)
Place of birth (city, country)
Ffamily background (the volume of information is up to the discretion of the author).

Education (educational institutions, faculties and training dates).
Military service (dates)
Places and dates of work (the enterprises and Mass media, positions, years)
Date and place of the publication of the first caricature
Where it was published
Participation in competitions and caricature exhibitions
Data on personal exhibitions (where, when, exhibition name)
List of author’s collections of caricature (name, year of the edition)
Other publications (what exactly, where and when
Data on participation in the organizations of various actions (clubs, exhibitions, festivals, etc.)
Data on existence of scientific / literary / theoretical works or articles
Last place of work
Various ranks
Data on membership in clubs, associations, unions and other creative associations (name, city)
Data on prizes and awards
Additional information
Don’t be not over-modest, write more details, It’ for ages!

If there are any, attach articles and interview about yourself, in any quantity.

Please, try to edit carefully the biography (in third person), thereby you facilitate work of the founders of the site.
Yours faithfully,
Editor-in-chief Marat Valiakhmetov