The results of the contest “That’s enough!!”

Prize drawings from the competition of the caricature “Down with”
The caricature contest ended, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution.
167 authors from 31 countries took part in the competition.
The contest received more than 400 works.

The jury of the contest, consisting of:

Mikhail Zlatkovsky – caricaturist artist
Marat Valiakhmetov – caricaturist artist
Maria Voronkova – webmaster

Summarized and determined the winners.

Prizes on the topic “DOLOY!” Received:

1 – Pavel Matushka, Czech Republic
2 – Valentin Druzhinin, Russia
3 – Victor Skopintsev, Russia

Honorary Diplomas on the topic “DOLOY!” Received:

Mira Georgievsky, Macedonia
Stanislav Ashmarin, Russia
Vladimir Mesar, Slovakia
Victor Krudu, Moldova
Boris Erenburg, Israel
Ali Asadi, Iran
Esteban Hernandez, Cuba

The prize on the theme “Sharj” was given to:
Edgar Vargas, Venezuela
Honorary diplomas received:
Fred Ozanan, Brazil
Sanchez Pablo, Mexico
Gursky Arkady, Belarus
Zhu Zizun, China
Smagin Maxim, Russia

Additional Information:

On November 7, the Moscow issue of the Komsomolskaya Pravda will be published, with the text and two drawings, and in the CP – “fatty”, already for the whole country – with three other drawings. On the website “KP” on November 7, there will be a text with 15-20 pictures.

A journalist, Ramil Farzutdinov, assisted in the publication.

Works of the winners can be viewed on the main page of the site in the Opening Day section. Other drawings selected for the contest are posted on facebook, see the link

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