Zhigadlo Andrey

Penza, Russia



He was born on April 30, 1979 in Severomorsk, Murmansk region.
Since 1993 he lives in the Penza region.
In 1999 he graduated from Nizhnelomovsk Electromechanical College. Served in the ranks of the armed forces of.

The first drawing was published in the local press in 1999.
2001-2004 – Cooperation with CJSC “Publishing House” Aphrodite “(Izhevsk).
Publications in the newspapers and magazines of the Publishing House:
– “Family crossword puzzles”;
– “Meditate, read-ka”;
– “Crossword Times”;
– “Skanvordy” Smile “;
– Crossword;
– “Skanvord”;
– “Family scanners”;
“Husbands and wives.”

At the same time, he periodically published works in such publications as:
– “Speed-info” (Moscow);
– “Entertaining Newspaper” (Novosibirsk);
– “The newspaper” Toy “(Novosibirsk);
– “Our Penza” (Penza);
– “Shapoklyak” (Minsk, Republic of Belarus).

Closely collaborates with publications:
– “Entertaining Newspaper” (Novosibirsk);
– “Backpack with a surprise” (Izhevsk);
– “Adyghe Mak” (Maykop city).

Illustrated collection of poems by Irina Svetlova “Positives persist.”
Participated in the project of Mary Melnikova “Child in the world of adults.”
Participated in the project of Mikhail Zlatkovsky “The First Moscow Nuremberg Trial of Stalinism”

Since 2010 he takes part in international cartoon contests. It is noted in catalogs of several exhibitions of competitive works in Portugal, Hungary, Russia.

I took 2nd place in the web competition of the Great Encyclopedia Cartoons “Antiterror”, 2011.

BEC 2011

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