Zuleta Raul


Cartoonist, art critic, professor

He was born in 1983.
He graduated from Columbia National University in 2006.
Master of Fine Arts.
He graduated from Columbia University of Antioquia, in 2011.
Master of Arts History.

9th International Contest of Caricature and Cartoon of Vianden, (MENTION OF HONOR) LUXEMBOURG 2016. (SPECIAL AWARD / SPECIAL AWARD) 46th WORLD GALLERY OF CARTOONS Skopje MACEDONIA 2015. 15th World Press Freedom International Editorial Cartoon Competition (PRIZE EXCELLENCE). CANADA 2015. 1 7th International “Smiling Cat” Cartoon Web Contest AZERBAIJAN 2014; 2 XIX Mercosur International Exhibition Diogenes Taborda (FIRST GRAPH HUMOR GRAPHIC) ARGENTINA 2014; 3 The 20th International cartoon contest Haifa (THIRD POSITION) ISRAEL 2014; 4 “Silk Road” Cartoon international competition (SILVER MEDAL) CHINA 2014; 5 International Humor Hall of Paraguaçu Paulista (THIRD POSITION) BRAZIL 2014; 6 International Cartoon Competition on Environmental Protection (THIRD PRIZE) UCCEP-CHINA 2013; 7 The First International Graphic Humor Festival “The Sunny Dragon” (PRIZE) ARMENIA 2013; 8 5th International City of Ideas Competition (SECOND POSITION) MEXICO 2013; 9th International Cartoonrendon Festival (AWARD) COLOMBIA 2013; 10 World Press Cartoon Sintra (PRIZE – this is the most important cartoon competition in the world) PORTUGAL 2013; 11 7th Humor Daeva International Cartoon Contest (PRIZE) ROMANIA 2013; 12 21th Daejeon International Cartoon Contest (MENTION OF HONOR) KOREA 2012; 13th 19th International Caricature Festival Cartoonrendon (MENTION OF HONOR) COLOMBIA 2012; 14 The 6th Edition, International Exhibition of Satirical Graphic (AWARD) ROMANIA 2012; 15 XVII Diógenes Taborda International Competition (MENTION OF HONOR) ARGENTINA 2012; 16 4th International Fadjar Cartoon (FIRST FREE CATEGORY) IRAN 2012; 17 International cartoon contest humor at Gallarte (MENTION OF HONOR) ITALIA 2011; 18 Boston International Humor Festival (THIRD PRIZE) UNITED STATES 2011; 19 9th International cartoon Biennale (5th PRIZE) CZECH REPUBLIC 2011; 20 Festival of the economy (9th PRIZE) ITALY 2011; 21 3rd International City Complexities Cartoon Contest (MENTION OF HONOR) IRAN 2011; 22 XVII International Caricature Festival Ricardo Rendón (MENTION OF HONOR) COLOMBIA 2010; 23 17th Daejeon International Cartoon Contest (MENTION OF HONOR) KOREA 2008; 24 Internazionale di Humor Graphic Festival (FITTH PLACE) 2008 ITALY; 25 First International Cartoon Contest of Graphic (MENTION OF HONOR) COLOMBIA 2008; 26 16th Daejeon International Cartoon Contest (MENTION OF HONOR) KOREA 2007; 27 9th Edition Internazionale di Humor Festival (MENTION OF HONOR) 2006 ITALY; 28 XII International Cartoon Festival Ricardo Rendon (FIRST GREAT PRIZE) COLOMBIA 2005; 29 International cartoon contest “Justice” in www.irancartoon.com (SPECIAL PRIZE) 2005 IRAN; 30 6th Edition Internazionale di Humor Graphic Festival (AWARD) ITALY 2003; 31 Peloduro Cartoon International Award (MENTION OF HONOR) URUGUAY 2003; 32 II Biennial of Graphic Humor Just Average (SPECIAL PRIZE) MEXICO 2002; 33 Cartoonet Freecartoonsweb 1st International Festival (Honorable Mention) CHINA 2002; 34 First Newspaper Cartoon Contest imprinting (FIRST PLACE) National University Medellín 2002; 35 21ST International Nasreddin Hodja Cartoon Contest (SPECIAL PRIZE) TURKEY 2001; 36 XII International Biennial of Graphic Humor (THIRD PLACE) San Antonio de los Baños 2001 CUBA; 37 Drug Free Racing Cartoon (MENTION OF HONOR) UNITED STATES 2001.
INDIVIDUAL EXHIBITIONS: 1 Museum of Humor Diogenes Taborda, Buenos Aires; Roberto Fontanarrosa Cultural Center, Rosario, ARGENTINA 2015. 2 Retrospective “Ironic art for a world in crisis” National Museum of Caricature Mexico City, Museum of the caricaturist XALAPA-Veracruz, MEXICO 2014.

EXHIBITIONS: More than 70 entries worldwide are just a few: 2nd International Cartoon Gathering – cairo 2015 / EGYPT; 20th Euro-kartoenale Kruishoutem BELGIUM 2015; XXI International Exhibition of the Arts of Humor (MIAH) Instituto Quevedo del humor. SPAIN 2014; 5TH international city and citizen cartoon contest IRAN 2014; 42st World Gallery of Cartoons, Skopje MACEDONIA 2014; International competition tourism cartoons TURKEY 2014; XXI international festival of caricature cartoonrendon COLOMBIA 2014; World press cartoon PORTUGAL 2014; 6 international caricature city of ideas MEXICO 2014; 7 International Humor Salon PERU 2014; 13th George van Raendonck cartoon contest BELGIUM 2014; 41 international humor show Piracicabia BRASIL 2014; 41st World Gallery of Cartoons, Skopje MACEDONIA 2013; 15th Porto Cartoon World Festival PORTUGAL 2013; 45th International Exhibition of Humoristic Graphics “Umoristi A” ITALIA 2013; 6th International Caricature and Cartoon Contest Vianden LUXEMBOURG 2013; V International Salon of Humor of the Amazon BRAZIL 2013; 3rd Biennial of Humor IntPenela PORTUGAL 2012; ; 17 International Biennial of Graphic Humor CUBA, 2011; The Second International Digital media cartoon IRAN, 2010; 30Th International Nasreddin Hodja cartoon contest TURKEY, 2010; International Ukrainian-polish competition of cartoons UKRAINE, 2010; Boston International Humor Festival UNITED STATES, 2010 10th International Biennial of Humor and Satire in the Arts BULGARIA, 2009; XXIV Aydin Dogan International Cartoon Competition, TURKEY 2007.
PUBLICATIONS: El Colombiano newspaper, Contact Colombia. Fenamizah digital magazine TURKEY 2013-2014; Sumplemento; Catrasca ARGENTINA 2012-2014; The world of Karry PERU 2012, and numerous catalogs of caricature exhibitions in many countries.

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