Zhong Guo

Tianjin, China


Guo Zhong was born in June l959 in Tianjin, China. He has been favoring drawing since he was very young, who had taken part in Artwork Exhibit of Tianjin Middle and Primary School twice when he studied at his middle school. He graduated from Central Television College, majoring in Chinese Literature, which now takes the position of full-time teacher dealing with employee education at Education Center and likes playing Ping pang at his leisure time. He published his first cartoon work in Satire and Humor, People Daily in 1981, and from then on he has been irrevocably committed to cartoon. His works can be found from every newspaper and periodical around China. In 1991, he held Tianjin Cartoon Saloon Exhibit of Ten People. In addition, he has taken part in the domestic cartoon exhibit for many times and gained over twenty awards in the national cartoon competition, and his works were selected into the exhibitions by more than ten countries in the international cartoon competitions. At present, he is a member of Tianjin Cartoon Academy. From years of cartoon creation, he realized that cartoon couldn’t be drawn unconcernedly.

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