Zimka Ondrej

Турзовка, Slovakia


Cartoonist, illustrator, painter, writer

Ondrej Zimka born November 29, 1937, in Turzovka on Kysuciach. After graduating in 1964, the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, Department of Painting and general product design (prof. P. Matejka, J. Chovan), was working in the capital. The theme of his cartoons were the motives of village myths, legends. Fairies, mermaids, wood spirits come to life in his drawings. He gazed into the natural and man-made material, finding a special charm in the cracks, their dilapidation. Sometimes a found piece of untreated wood or old and unused gates or shutters and metal hinges – he uses not only the natural beauty and quality of natural material but also its drawbacks – cracks, holes, bumps, which are included in the pictorial image. The material itself in his case played a symbolic role. It expresses the artists close and frank relationship to nature, to home, to the people and to the subject, which was part of his childhood. The paintings, which he paints on wood and stone are highly valued not only by visitors of his exhibitions but especially valuable for writers and publishing professionals. His colorful comic illustrations revived Knižné dielka. He is the author and illustrator of four books. His stories are mostly cheerful and with a happy ending.

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