Zidarov Veselin



Cartoonist, humorist writer

Born in Tryavna, Bulgaria on 4th of January 1950

Professional Background:
I am a technician by profession and I’ve been actively engaged in cartoons since 1979. I have numerous works published in both the Bulgarian and foreign press, and authored three cartoon and aphorism books: Zidarya (“Brickwork”) 2001, Edno na um (“Something to Keep in Mind”) 2006, Piratki (“Crackers”) 2008 and Obratna Zahapka (“Overbite”) 2012.

My works have been selected to be shown in international cartoon competitions in Bulgaria, Belgium, Australia, Romania, Greece, Macedonia, Israel, Portugal, the USA, Canada, Turkey, Italy, Great Britain, Norway, Serbia, France, South Korea and Japan. Since 1981 I have been a regular entrant in the International Biennal of Humor and Satire in the Arts in Gabrovo, as well as in the cartoon competitions Fun-Loving Balkans (1996), Europe Dreams of Bulgaria (1998) and “What, Switzerland?” (2004) held by the House of Humour and Satire. In 2007, together with Tryavna cartoonists Svetlin Stefanov and Plamen Penev, showed works in the Three in One group exhibition hosted by the House of Humour and Satire. I had several solo shows in my native Tryavna. In 2005 a number of my works were on display at the Bulgarian Information Tourist Office in Rotterdam (the Netherlands).

1987 – Honourable mention at the International Cartoon Competition, Yomuri Shimbun, Tokyo (Japan);
1994 – Special prize at the International Cartoon Competition, Tokyo (Japan);
2000 – Special prize at the International Cartoon Competition, Haifa (Israel);
2005 – Honorable Mention Award for The Israel National Commission for UNESCO
2006 – Second prize – Parachin (Serbia);
2008 – Second Prize – Montenegro
2011 – Honorary Recognion – Preshov (Slovakia)
2011 – Special Award – Prezydenta Miasta Zielona Gora (Poland)


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