Zenin Boris

Moscow, Russia

Cartoonist, illustrator, designer and book designer

Was born in Moscow. He graduated from the Moscow Higher Technical School named after Bauman. He worked in the design bureau of A. Tupolev. Then he worked in the information and advertising sphere, in public service in the ministries, as well as designer and book designer, illustrator for various publications.
Member of the pantomime studio at the Moscow State University on Lenin Hills.
The cartoon began in the late 1960s with publication in the newspaper “Soviet Culture”. He was published in the newspapers: Literaturnaya gazeta, Izvestia, Nedelya, Ekonomicheskaya gazeta, Literaturnaya Rossiya, and also in the magazines Theater, Literaturnaya obozrenie, Ekspert and Krokodile. The works were printed in the series of the publishing house “Soviet Artist”, “Masters of Soviet Cartoons” and “Masters of World Satirical Graphics”.
He took part in various contests and exhibitions of cartoons and humor in our country and abroad – in Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Denmark, Belgium, Lithuania.
Member of the Moscow Union of Artists.
Member of the Union of Journalists in Russia.


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