Zemtcov Valeriy

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Cartoonist, collage artist

Was born in 1948 in Leningrad.
Teacher by profession. He finished a musical school on percussion instruments class.
He was a boxer and a prize-winner in All-union competitions in boxing.
He wrote scripts, stories, novels. His works were published in newspapers and magazines. In 1978 he took an interest in cartoons and eventually in collages. He is a Grand Prix winner in the Fall-89, the All-Union festival of satire and humour, got the title «King of laughter», and also «Crystal drops». Prize winner in 7 All-Union cartoons competitions. He held a personal exhibitions around USSR, and also in the concert hall «Russia» (St.-Petersburg), in the State Russian museum (St.-Petersburg), in Israel, Switzerland, Italy, Finland. He had a publications in many magazines and newspapers at home and abroad. He is a designer of book covers, magazines, booklets, advertising, theatrical posters, etc.
In 1994 he has made the Higher theatrical premium of St.-Petersburg «Zolotoy Sophit».

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