Zelentcov Kapiton

Saint Petersburg, Russia

03.1790 – 15.05.1845

Cartoonist, artist, painter, graphic artist, lithographer

Kapiton Alekseevich Zelentsov (March 1790 – May 3, 1845) is a Russian amateur artist, an academician of painting, one of the most attractive, outstanding pupils of the founder of the Russian genre, A. G. Venetsianov. During the Patriotic War of 1812, Zelentsov created a series of cartoon caricatures of the French. He made, among other things, drawings for the collected works of F. Bulgarin (engraved by S. Galaktionov in 1832), Pushkin’s Dmitry Pretender (1832), Leonid Zagoskin (1832) and Yuri Miloslavsky, (engraved by Skotnikov in 1838). Zelentsov is credited with 40 etchings for the famous edition of The Magic Lantern (1817). The author of the book “The Entertainment alphabet compiled and painted by KA Zelentsov” (St. Petersburg, 1835), one of the rarest Russian alphabet.

In 1833, for the painting “PV Basin’s Workshop”, the Imperial Academy of Arts awarded Zelentsov the title of academician of perspective painting. The painting is kept in the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg. As a representative of the Venetian school of painting, Kapiton Alekseevich Zelentsov in relation to the artistic style belongs to one of the first generations of Russian realists. Some of his picturesque paintings can even be attributed to hyperrealism, which was actively developing already in the second half of the 19th century. Graphic same works Zelentsov represent, in addition to strictly realistic, a romantic style, characteristic for the beginning of the century.




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