Zelenchenko Tatiana

Kharkov, Ukraine


Cartoonist, graphic artist, book graphic artist, illustrator

She was born on January 24, 1951 in the city of Cherkasy, in the family of a military topographer.
After moving to Kharkov, she studied at the Repin Art School.
Graduated from the Kharkov Art Institute, Faculty of Industrial Graphics (1968-1973).
She has participated in regional, national and international exhibitions since 1977.
Personal exhibitions in Kharkov – 1979, 1986, 1995, 2008, 2011

In the genre of easel graphics, such series of graphic works were performed:
Illustrations for the novel by M. Bulgakov “Master and Margarita”
A series of satirical luboks “The Ironic Graphic”
A series of graphic sheets “Horses with wings
A series of graphic sheets “Women and Flowers”.
In 2002-2003 she created a series of works devoted to the emigration of the “Exodus”
In 2003-2004 she created a series of graphic works on the theme of Jewish holidays
2004-2007 series of graphic sheets “Cases amorous”, “Dryads” (mixed technique)
2005-2009 collages to a series of articles by G. Dubovis on the cooking of the peoples of the world (computer graphics)
2008 Design of a series of novels by Russian writers. The cycle “History of Russia” Moscow EKSMO (mixed technique):
N. Cherkasov P. Moskovitina “Trilogy about the people of the taiga”
M. Sholokhov “Quiet Flows the Don”
P. Melnikov-Pechersky “In the Woods”, “On the Mountains”.
V. Shishkov “Ugryum River” 2009 Design of I. Pryzhov’s book “History of taverns in Russia”
2009- illustrations for G.Dubovis’s book “Jewish cuisine” Poland REA
2010 illustrations- collages to G.Dubovis books “Georgian Cuisine”, “Japanese Cuisine”
2010 series of graphic sheets “Ukrainian Year”.
Member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine

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