Jankofsky Heinz

Berlin, Germany

28.09.1935 - 02.05.2002


Until 1968 he worked as a locksmith for locomotives at Deutsche Reichsbahn. For 30 years he worked as a freelance cartoonist in the press. His characters with a distinctive nose have appeared in Eulenspiegel, NBI, Sächsische Zeitung, Super-Illu and other magazines and newspapers. In 1994, his cartoons appeared in a book by Dicken Jankofsky.

His drawings have been published in the following publications:

  • Exact prehistoric times and their consequences. Cartoons. Ulenspiegel, Berlin, 1985
  • Cat and mouse. cartoons Ulenspiegel, Berlin, 1989
  • Please (don’t) stay behind…! A picture book about road traffic. Tribune, Berlin, 1990
  • For a speedy recovery! Cartoons for a healthy laugh. Rowolt, Reinbeck, 1992
  • The whole truth about anglers. cartoons Rovolt, Reinbeck, 1993
  • Yankofsky’s Big Book. Edited by Sonya Schnitzler. Ulenspiegel, Berlin, 1994
  • The appearance of being. Eulenspiegel-Das-Neue-Berlin, Berlin, 1995
  • Etiquette of civil servants. A manual for civil servants. Eulenspiegel, Berlin, 1996. Four editions until 2007
  • Now go for it! cartoons Ulenspiegel, Berlin, 1996
  • Holy salvation! Part 8 of the Fast Owls series. Ulenspiegel, Berlin, 1996
  • Such a dog’s life. cartoons Ulenspiegel, Berlin, 1997
  • With Andreas Kurtz: To the sound signal! Ulenspiegel, Berlin, 1998
  • Cops, banks and bandits. Ulenspiegel, Berlin, 1998
  • Pub Crawl. cartoons Ulenspiegel, Berlin, 1999
  • Very healthy and laughed sick. Ulenspiegel, Berlin, 2000
  • Now the scythe. Ulenspiegel, Berlin, 2001
  • Noses that you will never forget. The best of super illusions. Ulenspiegel, Berlin, 2002
  • Women and other disasters. Ulenspiegel, Berlin, 2004.
  • After Alexey Tolstoy. Ulenspiegel, Berlin, 2005
  • With Johannes Conrad: Children, pure madness. Ulenspiegel, Berlin, 2005
  • Illustrations
  • Rolf Liebold: The Stories of Little Ossie. Edition q, Berlin, 1991
  • Wolfgang Brennaisen: The Complete Guide to Tennis. Rowolt, Reinbeck, 1992
  • Heinz Rehl: 10 years is too much! Ulenspiegel, Berlin, 1998
  • A fun consultation hour. Doctor and patient jokes. Ulenspiegel, Berlin, 2007
  • Hans-Jurgen Uhdorf: Lightning rod on piano. Notzel, Wilhelmshaven, 2008
  • literature
  • Brief biography for: Jankofsky, Heinz. Q: Who was who in the GDR? 5th edition. Volume 1. Gl. References, Berlin, 2010

Reference: second.wiki, 2020



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