Yakaly Rasit

Istanbul, Turkey



He was born in Tyre in 1943. Taught in elementary school for 5 years.

His first cartoon was published in the newspaper “Tercüman” in 1962. He was an employee of Yeni Asır (1964-1968), Pardon Humor Magazine (1969-1970), Dünya (1970-1987), Hürriyet (1887-1992), Fotospor (1993-1994), BRT Television (1995-1996), he drew daily cartoons for the Museum of Cartoons and Humor of the Metropolitan Municipality (1996-2000), for 6 years he worked in “Bizim Gazete”.

He was elected Chairman at the 32nd General Assembly of the Turkish Cartoonists Association. He still holds this post.

Reference: karikaturculerdernegi.com, 2016


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