Witte Bert

Apeldoorn, Netherlands


Cartoonist, illustrator

He was born in Apeldoorn in 1943.
He studied at the Academy of Arts in Rotter.
He worked as an artist of youth magazines.
He taught in high school between 1969 and 1989.
Member of the Dutch Cartoon Association De Tulp (Secretary FECO).
Bert published 75 books, cartoons, 6 calendars, illustrated 51 books.
He has 26 international awards for a cartoon.
He is the author of the daily comic strip for Stan Huygens Journaal in De Telegraaf, and also painted some weekly political cartoons for this newspaper.
As a comic artist he is known for his contributions to Taptoe, including ‘Bas Toverbal’ and ‘Speez’.
He also came up with a comic version of the television comedy ‘Oppassen! “In which he depicted all the characters as animals.
He began his career in the magazine Story, and was also published in the book Drukwerk in 1997.
Bert Witte died in May 2012.


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