Webb Paul

New York, United States


Cartoonist, illustrator

Born in Towanda, Pennsylvania, on September 20, 1902.

Paul Webb grew up dreaming of becoming an illustrator and greatly admires Wallace’s work

Morgan. He received his art education in the 1920s at the School of Industrial Art and the Academy of Fine Arts, both in Philadelphia. While studying at school, he received a scholarship that allowed him to make two summer trips to Europe. His art education was interrupted by taking care of his sick mother.

During this time, he began working as a freelancer, worked as a cartoonist for old Life, the New Yorker, Judge, Collier’s and College Humor Magazines. As soon as “Mountain boys”, a series that became popular in 1934, this collection took away all the time from the cartoonist.

During this period, two collections of The Mountain Boys were published: Comin’ Around the Mountain (1939) and Keep’em Flying (1941). In the mid-1960s, Paul Webb spent some time drawing his village characters for Columbia Features Syndicate.

At that time, a paperback collection called “Mountain boys” was published.

Reference: The World Encyclopedia of Cartoons, 1981


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