Voloshin Tomash

Frankfurt (Oder), Germany



He was born on November 30, 1966 in Gubin (Poland).
The first cartoon was published in 1985.
The first exhibition – “Faktor” Zielona Gora in 1986.
Collaborated with the Polish military press in 1987-1989.
He worked in a small-circulation local magazine “Kiszone Ogorki” (Marinated Cucumbers) 1989 – 1994. Since 1999 – a free artist.
He began to publish in the Polish press (NIE, Przegląd, Trybuna, Holy Science, Guitar and Bass,
“Super-Express”, “Życie Warszawy”, “Facts and Myths”, “Gazeta”
Lubuska, Gilotina, Twyj Good Humor, Nowe Zycie
“Pabianic”, “Wiadomości Gubińskie” and others), foreign
Press (“Nosorog” – Bosnia and others) and magazines MENSA
Since 2001, he won 70 prizes in cartoon contests.
Member of MENSA

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