Volkov Gennadiy

Moscow, Russia


Cartoonist, graphic designer, monumentalist, computer graphic artist

Visited the art studio at the Palace of Culture. Lenin in the city of Volgograd.
He graduated from the Penza Art College, a monumental department.
Enrolled in the Volgograd Engineering and Construction Institute in the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning for the full-time department, successfully combining the studies and work of the designer in the Palace of Sports.
He graduated from 3 courses
1984-1986 – Artist in the Volgograd branch of the Rostov Combine “Byteclama” – interior, painting, chasing.
1986 – 1992 – I went to the mountains, worked as a rescuer in the Caucasus, painting became a hobby
1993-1997 – Free creativity, made the interiors of a number of restaurants and bars in Maikop, Volgograd, Rostov-on-Don.
In 1997, with the blessing of the Metropolitan of Maykop-Adygea Panteleimon, he painted the walls of the Orthodox Gymnasium in Maikop. I wrote several icons for the church of St. George and to order.
Since 1998, he started to work on computer graphics and advertising, worked in a printing house, did cartoons for a newspaper.
1999 – Work in the city of Sochi – RXM “Premier” designer, chief of the outdoor advertising department, technical director. He was engaged in the development and management of the production and installation of advertising equipment, light advertising (neon).
2002 – Free creativity in Abkhazia. The restaurant “Old Sukhum” in Sukhumi, the summer restaurant “Tavern at the pier” in the boarding house “Boxwood Grove” in Pitsunda. Since September 2002 in Moscow, a number of projects in outdoor advertising, interior design decoration.


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