Vindesis Gunars

Riga, Latvia

Cartoonist, illustrator

Gunarsu Vindezis is already sixty-three. But it is not out of place to notice that he entered the artist’s path much earlier – when he was three years old. Of course, at this age everyone draws: impressions and ask for paper. However, Gunars inspired, perhaps, one more circumstance: his mother studied in the studio of the artist Julia Madernieksa.

Self-education Gunarsa led to the fact that already at the age of fifteen, he was accepted as his own at the Roman Suta studio, and then within three years he passed the “production practice” from Albatte Filka and August Sauer.

Self-sufficiency, in his own opinion, he found in 1940, when he began to illustrate stories and novels for the magazine “Atput” (“Rest”), At the same time he first turned to political satire.

Now it’s hard to imagine a Latvian political satire without Gunārs Vindezis. Each time, when developing the latest issue of Dadzis, the Latvian magazine of humor and satire, readers easily recognize Windesis’s drawings, which are viciously and angrily flaunting the vices of the capitalist world. It is not for nothing that at the First International Exhibition “Satire in the Struggle for Peace” in Moscow, the artist was awarded a diploma (1969), Satirik Vindedzis remains in his caricatures on everyday topics. Sharp observation, expressiveness and precision of the stroke allow him to make wonderful friendly caricatures. I remember, Vindezis drew a cartoon for the “Dadzis” calendar on the artist Erik Osh. Seeing the drawing, Osh smiled and pointedly told the editor: “When it will be necessary to make a cartoon on Windezdis – give Mine.” Osh too knows his strength!

And here we have greeting cards. Lovely, smiling children, rabbits, kittens … And this is also Windezdis, but Vindeis-lyric. His dolls for films “Ah, fashion, fashion!”, “Red shoes”, “Ezhovaya fur coat”, illustrations of children’s books are just as attractive. The versatility and skill of the artist is admirable.

Anton Sondors.

Masters of the Soviet caricature

Ed. “Soviet Artist”, Moscow, 1983.

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