Vieira Da Cunha Antonio Bellisario

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

1896 – 1956


The Brazilian cartoonist was born in Cachoeiro do Itapemirin, Espirito Santo State, Brazil, in 1896. After some art classes, Antonio Vieira went to Rio in 1912.  In the same year, his first cartoon was published in the Rio newspaper “Correio da Noite”. He specialized in caricatures of famous figures of art, theater and politics. Signed either “V. da Cunha”, or “Belisário”. In addition to his work at Correio da Noite, Vieira has contributed to many other publications, including “Rajada”, “A Tribuna”, “Gazeta de Notícias”, “A Nação”, “Diário de Notícias”, “D. Quixote”, “O Dia”, “A Manhă” and “O Malho”. In 1914, in partnership with his colleague Fernando Corea Diaz, he founded the Apollo publishing company. He was also a well-known art critic, many of whose articles were published in magazines and newspapers throughout Brazil. He died in Rio in 1956.

Reference: The World Encyclopedia of Cartoons, 1981

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