Vasin Aleksandr

Ryazan, Russia

30.08.1915 - 13.11.1971

Cartoonist, illustrator

He was born on August 30, 1915 in the city of Ryazan.
He graduated from the Moscow Architectural and Construction Institute.
He worked in the studio of the architect A. Burov.
During the war years, he trained cadets in the military construction business.
Graduated from the Art Institute. IN AND. Surikov.
Easily improvised, wrote poetry, played the piano, sang, danced
Was the soul of any company. I did everything very easily.
The path to art began from afar. First he graduated from the Architecture and Construction Institute. After that he worked in the studio of the famous architect A.Burov.
The war began. He served in the army – trained cadets in the military construction business. And I drew, painted, painted … Basically these were cartoons. They even began to be printed in newspapers.
Finally, he decided to go to “Crocodile”, where his idols worked – artists L.Brodata, K.Rotov, young V.Gorjayev.
There he was advised to enter the Art Institute. And he really wanted to study. He always studied.
Entering the Art Institute. VI Surikov, Alexander Vasin got into the studio of P.Ya. Pavlinov.
Great influence was exerted on him by the remarkable chart of LG Brodyat. Laconism, sharp linear drawing, ironic drama is all his lessons.
Father masterfully wrote the font, with his own hand he drew a layout – from the first to the last page.

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