Vartchenko Igor

Limassol, Cyprus



Born in 1959 in Tatarstan.
He is an oil engineer and works in the Oil and Gas Ministry.
Drawing is his passion throughout his life.
His first picture was published in 1986 in one of the most popular Russian newspaper. From that time thousands of his cartoons were published in many newspapers and magazines in Russia and abroad.
Nowadays he can’t live a day without drawing a cartoon. 

He was a participant and a prize-winner of many contests and exhibitions:
Grand Prix in VELOCARTOON (Lithuania, 1998), Bronze Hat in Knokke-Heist (Belgium, 1990), special prize in Zielona Gora (Poland, 1990), special prize in “Archicatura” (Bratislava, Slovakia, 1992), special prize in Yomiuri (Japan, 1992), special prize in “Beer is better than water” (Ukraina, 1992), special prize in “Snail” (Cuneo, Italy, 1993), Silver Plaque in “Sport” (Ancona, Italy, 1993), special prize in “Jubilea” (Marostika, Italy, 1993), special prize in “Black Gold” (Russia, 1993), 2nd prize in “Barter” (Russia), special prize in “The shoemaker’s wife is the worst shod” (Russia, 1993), 1st prize in “Bad” (Estonia, 1994), special prize in “Archicatura” (Bratislava, Slovakia, 1994), special prize of “EULENSPIEGEL” in “Dirt” (Berlin, Germany, 1994), 2nd prize and special prize in “Jubilea” (Tyumen, Russia, 1994), 2nd prize in “Under airplane’s wing” (Russia, 1994), special prize in “Hurriet Vakfi” (Turkey, 1994), excellent prize in Yomiuri (Japan, 1995), 3rd prize in Taejon (Korea, 1995), honorable mention in “Hurriet Vakfi” (Turkey, 1995), special prize in “EuroCARtoons” (Kaliningrad, Russia, 1995), 3rd prize in “Car and Man” (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, 1995), silver prize in Taejon (Korea, 1996), grand prix in “Anny” (Tyumen, Russia, 1996), honorable mention in “Hoca Nasreddin” (Turkey, 1996), Bronze Hat in Knokke-Heist (Belgium, 1997), excellent prize in Yomiuri (Japan, 1997), special prize in Taejon (Korea, 1997), special prize in Yomiuri (Japan, 1998), special prize in Taejon (Korea, 1998).

BEC, 2009

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