Vangheluwe Kurt

Poperinge, Belgium


Cartoonist, illustrator

Born in Poperinge on february, 25th, 1978. Degree: Bachelor Artistic education and History, june 2000. Teacher of arts at the “Holy family institute” in Ypres. Won several prices or was nominated in cartooncompetitions and other competitions of art. Last competition: price of the press 2009 in Sint-Truiden (Belgium) – price of the minister-president of the Flemish Goverment 2010 in Sint-Truiden (Belgium). He is a member of the Talbot House committee in Poperinge, and he drew the cartoons for “The Talbot Times” His first solo exhibition of cartoons and drawings / illustrations was going on in Ypres (April 20th – 30th 2009).

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