Valter Edgar

Tallinn, Estonia

21.09.1929 - 04.03.2006

Cartoonist, illustrator, writer


Edgar Walter was born September 21, 1929 in a large urban family. He was the fourth child of eight. The first models for him were his brothers and sisters.
After he moved to Võru County in the early 90s, he also started writing. So, the words added to the drawings. In 1994, the first book that Edgar Walter wrote and illustrated himself was published. The book is about Poka (or Poka). This is a kind and good story about how forest creatures who wore caftans from grass, surprisingly similar to hummocks, met an old man living in a house in the depths of the forest ..

By profession and position – Cartoonist, book illustrator, artist. The first caricature was published in the newspaper “Ykhtulekht” in 1944. After publication in “Picker” he becomes his permanent author. The cartoons were printed in many republican publications, in the editions of the union republics and foreign countries, including in the collections We Have Away Picker, in the book Caricaturists (Moscow, 1 965), which is dedicated to him, in collections “Birken Bernstein blauez Meer”, “Beauty Salon”, “Handicap Olympic Smiles from Tallinn”, “And Laughter and Sin”, in the album “Sixteen Authors”, in the catalogs “What’s Funny?” and the Baltic Cartoons (Tallinn , 1976) and others. He published five collections of cartoons: “It’s not a joke” (1964) , “Pictures for post-school age” (1970) “Memoirs of a hunting dog” (1974), “84 pages” (1976), “Water-carrier” (1981). Participated in international exhibitions of caricatures in Moscow, Bratislava, Gabrovo, Skopje, Ljubljana, West Berlin, and other cities. His works were exhibited at exhibitions of the Estonian caricature in Yerevan, Baku, Odessa, Lviv. His participation in a personal exhibition (together with Hugo Hiibus) in Moscow was successful. He illustrated over 30 books, drew one film for children, adults are assigned to his original paintings, written in oil. Drawing cartoons turned into Edgar Walter’s habit, which he can not get rid of.


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