Vahter Kuulo

Tallinn, Estonia

Cartoonist, graphic artist, graphic designer

Was born in 1954.
He is a singer of the State Academic Male Choir of the Estonian SSR. When he dose not sing or do other serious stuff he embodies his humorous thoughts on the paper. His cartoons are born so. Since 1967, his cartoons have been publishing in the Picker and Sirp I Vazar magazines. Besides that they were published in the Handicap collection, in the catalogs of exhibitions “Nad pobeditelyami ne shutyat”, “Homo sapiens”, “What’s funny?”, etc. He took part in international exhibitions of caricatures in Tallinn, Gabrovo, Skopje and Trento. He created illustrations for the book and design of three envelopes for records.

A series of Masters of the Soviet cartoon (Soviet Artist, 1989)

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