Ustinov Nikolay

Moscow, Russia


Cartoonist, illustrator

He was born in July 10, 1937.
He graduated from the Moscow Art Institute. V.I. Surikova.
He started as a cartoonist.

Ustinov is an outstanding master of landscape.
Unsurpassed are his illustrations to a number of works by MMPrishvin, I.S. Sokolov-Mikitov, G.Ya. Snegirev, J. I. Koval, Russian and foreign classics. He was awarded the Gold Medal of the Russian Academy of Arts for his many years of work in the children’s book.

April 16, 2007 Svetlana Mitsul

He was born in Ryazan on July 10, 1937. Years of the war he spent in the Ryazan village. In 1946, when the father returned from the front, the family moved to Moscow.

From 1948 to 1955 he studied at the Moscow Secondary Art School (MShSH). In 1961 he graduated from the Moscow State Art Institute. IN AND. Surikov (MGAHI) in the graphic faculty of BA. Dekhtereva, Yu.P. Reiner, M.M. Cheremnykh, engraving was engaged under the leadership of M.V. Matorina.

In the school and institute he drew cartoons, and even imagined his future precisely as a work in a “cheerful” book. Even in the institute years (with the encouragement of M.M.Cheremnykh), the works of Nikolai Ustinov were printed three times in Crocodile, and the graduation paper was “Klop” V.V. Mayakovsky.

Soon Ustinov realized that the caricature was not his business, and he began to study the “lyrical book”: he illustrated the literature about the village, nature, animals. For several years Ustinov drew animals in the zoo, and in 1967 with his family bought a village hut near Pereslavl-Zalessky. There, beautiful works are born to the classics (IS Turgenev and LN Tolstoy), the stories of M.M. Prishvin and G.Ya. Snegireva, and I.S. Sokolov-Mikitov, to poems about nature, to Russian fairy tales.
In 1963, Ustinov began working in the children’s magazine Murzilka.

In 1996, Nikolai Alexandrovich received the Gold Medal of the Academy of Fine Arts. In 2000 he was awarded the title of People’s Artist of Russia. In 2007, he became a laureate of the Fourth All-Russian Competition of Works for Children and Youth “Scarlet Sails”.

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