Uspenskiy Aleksey

Saint Petersburg, Russia

30.03.1892 - 08.11.1941

Cartoonist, painter, graphic artist

Alexei Uspensky was one of the members of the literary and artistic circle “Apartment # 5”, which also included LA Bruni, VE Tatlin, NA Tyrsa, NF Lapshin, PV Miturich, O E.Mandelstam, N.I. Altman and others.

With Tyrsa Ouspensky worked on creating an album of models of clothes, decorated the streets of Leningrad for the anniversaries of the revolution. And in the 40s together with V. I. Mukhina and N. A. Tyrsa Uspenskiy worked on the creation of the first products in the genre of art glass, which were later exhibited at numerous exhibitions.

In the 1920s Ouspensky was famous as an artist of the most popular satirical magazines published in Leningrad. He collaborated in such classic satirical magazines as “Begemot”, “Smehach”, “Buzoter”, “Cannon”, drew for the children’s humorous magazine “Sverchok”, magazines “Chizh” and “Hedgehog”. The researchers note that Uspensky stands out from the multitude of other “caricaturists” with a variety of technical and stylistic solutions. Ouspensky often used the reception of a collage.

Mila Saburova

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