Uspenskiy Aleksey

Saint Petersburg, Russia

30.03.1892 - 08.11.1941

Graphic artist, cartoonist, professor.

Alexey Alexandrovich Uspensky was born on March 30, 1892 in St. Petersburg. In 1917 he graduated from the Central School of Technical Drawing (now the St. Petersburg Art and Industrial Academy named after A. L. Stieglitz). In 1919 he became the organizer and the first head of the art school in Petrograd, supervised its work until 1924. In 1930-1934 he taught at the Academy of Fine Arts, in 1933-1941 he was a teacher at the art workshop of the Institute of the Peoples of the North in Leningrad. He is considered one of the founders of the Leningrad School of Painting.

Ouspensky began as a graphic artist, illustrated many newspapers and magazines published in Leningrad. He became most famous in the field of art glass. Uspensky began working in this field in 1940, when, on the initiative of sculptor Vera Mukhina, writer Alexei Tolstoy and chemist Nikolai Kachalov, an experimental workshop was opened at the Leningrad Mirror Factory, where the latest samples of art glass and technological techniques for its production and processing were to be developed. Ouspensky became one of the leading artists of this workshop. During the year of his work, he created a large number of works of art — vases, jugs and other glass vessels made of colorless, illuminated and colored glass. In my work I used the technique of free blowing.

Uspensky died during the artillery shelling of Leningrad on November 8, 1941. His works were kept for a long time by the daughters of his friend, the artist Nikolai Andreevich Tyrsa, and in 1999 were donated to the Vologda Art Gallery.


Source: Wikipedia, 2010




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