Wilson Luis



He was born in 1930 in Guantanamo.

He studied at the medical faculty, but because of a lack of money he was forced to leave the university. Having decided to become a graphic artist, he worked hard to improve his professional skills and gradually achieved success: his drawings began to appear systematically on the pages of Zig-Zag and Bohemia magazines.

Wilson is one of the most popular cartoon artists of Cuba, the founder of the magazines Palante and Verde Olive.
In “Verde Olive” he still works.

In 1962, Wilson creates a series of stories in the pictures “Creole”, which tells about the status of women in modern Cuban society, fighting for the social development of a backward part of Cuban women. But “Creole” is only part of the humorous creativity of Wilson. The themes of his caricatures are incomparably broader, here both everyday life and international politics. Wilson has repeatedly won in national and international competitions. His drawings are often printed in the magazines of the socialist countries – the Soviet “Crocodile”, the German “Oylenspiegel”, the Bulgarian “Styrshele”, the Czech “Dikobraze”. Wilson is one of the permanent artists of the magazine Palante.

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