Wilson Luis


07.12.1930 - 18.12.2006
Luis Felipe Wilson Valera, born in 1930 in Guantanamo.
He studied at the Faculty of Medicine, but due to lack of funds he had to leave the university. Having decided to become a graphic artist, he worked hard to improve his professional skills and gradually achieved success: his drawings began to appear systematically on the pages of the magazines “Zig-Zag” and “Bohemia”.
Wilson is one of Cuba’s most popular cartoonists, the founder of the magazines Palante and Verde Olivo.
He still works at Verde Olivo.
In 1962, Wilson created a series of stories in pictures “Creoles”, in which he tells about the position of women in modern Cuban society, fights for the social formation of the still backward part of Cuban women. But “Creoles” is only part of Wilson’s humorous creativity. The themes of his cartoons are incomparably broader, there is both everyday life and international politics. Wilson has repeatedly won national and international competitions. His drawings are often published in magazines of socialist countries — the Soviet “Crocodile”, the German “Oilenspiegel”, the Bulgarian “Styrshel”, the Czech “Porcupine”. Wilson is one of the regular artists of the Palante magazine.
His most famous creation is Las Criollitas, an award—winning animated series about Cuban women. Among his other comic creations are “Los Sueños de Musi” for Dean Don (Ediciones en Colores, 1960s), “Playa Girón” for Pionero (1960s) and “Las Melli” for Cómicos (1980s). He was in Angola during the war (1979-80), where he worked for Verde Olivo and Misión Internacionalista, as well as for O’nanjo Uamili, the official publication of FAPLA (People’s Armed Forces for the Liberation of Angola).
Source: www.lambiek.net , 2006

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