Uborevich-Borovsky Vladimir

Moscow, Russia


Cartoonist, illustrator, poster artist


Born on February 27, 1950 in Vorkuta (Komi Republic) in a family of engineers.

Father: Oleg Borisovich Borovsky is an electronics engineer.

Mother: Vladimir Ieronimovna Uborevich – Borovskaya is a civil engineer.

Graduated from Moscow Art School No. 1 in 1967.

Graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute (Faculty of Civil Engineering) in 1973.

For twelve years he worked in the Design Department of the Chertanovo-Severnoye microdistrict of Moscow (1973- 1985).

He published his first cartoon in Komsomolskaya Pravda in 1970.

It was published in the central media: “Crocodile”, “Izvestia”, “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, “Smena”, “Yunost”, “Ogonek” and D.R.

He worked under contract in the magazine “Crocodile” and in the newspaper “Izvestia”.

Collaborated with publishing houses: “Russian language”; “Progress”; “Kid”; “Enlightenment”; “Poster” and studio “Filmstrip”.

Participant of International and Domestic caricature contests.

Laureate and prize-winner of more than 40 caricature contests.

Held a personal exhibition in the editorial office of the magazine “Youth” (1978).

Two author ‘s collections have been released: in the series “Masters of Soviet Caricature” (ed.Soviet artist, 1991) and the collection “Cartoons” (Rostov publishing house for the fiftieth anniversary of his birth).

Member of the Moscow City Committee of Graphic Artists (since 1985).

Member of the Union of Architects of Russia (since 1983).

Member of the Union of Journalists of Russia (since 1987).

Reference: BEC (the Big Encyclopedia of Caricature), 2010


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