Cygankov Boris

Saint Petersburg, Russia

21.03.1948 - 03.02.2020


Cartoonist, journalist, humorist writer

Graduated from the Mining Institute in Leningrad in 1965.
He graduated from the Art Studio of the poster and caricature in Leningrad in 1974.

Member of the Union of Journalists of Russia.
Illustrator and poster artist in the Leningrad publishing houses “Artist of Russia” and “Children’s Literature” (1974-1990).
The author of about 50 posters and several books for children.

Books and comics:
Comics “The adventures of the sailor Koshkin on the schooner” Udacha “came out in 1986-1988 with a circulation of about three million copies, the publishing houses are invited to cooperate: fragments of the comic book” The Adventure of Sailor Koshkin “(revised and supplemented) and two comics from the book” Formula of Success. ”

By order of the SU-HSE (Moscow):
in 2004: advertising flyers “Chapaev (old jokes about the main thing)”
in 2006 – the intellectual-hardware comic book “I am a bureaucrat”.

In December 2006, a book was published: Tsygankov BA Kitty, who walked by himself. – St. Petersburg: “Zvezda” magazine, 2006. Hardcover, 256 p. ISBN: 5-7439-0107-4. The book includes stories and aphorisms, richly illustrated with caricatures.

Publications, mini-comics, cartoons and aphorisms in periodicals (1968 – to this day):
In St. Petersburg newspapers “St. Petersburg Vedomosti”, “Evening Petersburg”, “Smena”, “Prestige”, “Kaleidoscope”, “Petersburg Express”, “Petersburg voter” and many others, in the magazines “Aurora”, “Bonfire” , “Spark”, “Star” and “Petersburg advertiser”;
In Moscow periodicals Ogonyok, Krokodil, Izvestia, Novoye Vremya, Argumenty i Fakty, Literaturnaya gazeta, Moskovskie novosti, Privy zhizn, magazine Store;
Abroad – in the business magazine about China “ChinaPro”.
Participation in exhibitions, competitions, festivals, etc.

1974: Leningrad. 1-st exhibition-competition of Leningrad cartoonists (special jury prize).
1975: Gabrovo (Bulgaria).
1975: West Berlin. Exhibition at the film festival in West Berlin.
1976: West Berlin. Exhibition at the film festival in West Berlin.
1976: Bordighera (San Remo, Italy).
1977: West Berlin. Exhibition at the film festival in West Berlin.
1977: The Marostic (Vicenza, Italy).
1977: Akshehir (Istanbul, Turkey). International competition of cartoons about Khoja Nasreddin.
1986: Leningrad. The 1-st All-Russian exhibition of caricatures.
1987: Leningrad. 3rd All-Russian poster exhibition.
1988: Leningrad. Personal exhibition of a poster in the Leningrad House of Journalists.
1996: St. Petersburg. Personal exhibition of the cartoon “Polundra!” in the sailing regatta “Catty Sark”.
1999: St. Petersburg. Exhibition of the Club of Cartoonists “We and the Sea”.
2000: St. Petersburg. Exhibition of cartoons in the “Chaplin-club.”
2000: Tehran (Iran).
2000: Gunesli (Istanbul, Turkey).
2000: Tokyo (Japan). The 22nd international competition of cartoons “Iomiuri Shimbun.” Excellent Prize.
2000: Rating of caricatures of ANEKDOT.Ru 2000 (2 nd place).
2002: Shanghai (China). 1-st international competition of cartoons (Special Prize).
2003: St. Petersburg. Permanent exhibition “krimikatury” – decoration of the art-restaurant “Street of the broken lanterns”.
2003: Moscow. Festival “Kommissiya-2003”.
2005: Jerusalem. Literary competition. Ya. Korchak in the nomination “for the best unpublished book for children and adolescents” (second stage). The second place is the children’s story “DIMA!”.
2006: Boston (USA) / Antwerp (Belgium). Competition of satire and humor “What the devil does not joke!” Network almanac “Swan” and the magazine “Day”, the title “King of satire and humor beginning of the twenty-first century.”
2007: Moscow. Festival “KomMissiya-2007”: two strips and a comic strip.
2008: Moscow. National children’s literary prize “The cherished dream” (season 2007/08): the finalist in the nomination “For the best work in the science fiction or fantasy genre”, for the manuscript of the novel “Dima”. Publishers are invited to cooperate; with e. version of the story can be found here.

Reference: BEC (the Big Encyclopedia of Caricature), 2010


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