Cvetkov Anatoliy

Moscow, Russia


Painter, graphic artist, illustrator, cartoonist.

He began his creative life as a painter, joined the MOUA (Moscow Union of Artists), in the painting section. He achieved outstanding success in the satirical genre. In 1958, Tsvetkov entered the studio of artists at the editorial office of the magazine “Crocodile” and soon began to be published in it. Participated in the Great Patriotic War as an artilleryman. Only vital optimism and a sense of humor helped the young fighter to overcome the consequences of severe concussion.

The artist combines the ease of drawing with deep expressiveness. The facial features of each person depicted are purely individual. According to the artist, he was most interested in making the reproduced images psychologically correspond to the inscriptions under the drawings. In other words, Tsvetkov sought first of all to reveal the characters’ characters. And he succeeded because he had the talent to instantly and deeply look at people, to grasp their personal traits at a glance. Anatoly Tsvetkov has achieved a deep typification of the artistic images of his heroes. He increases the expressiveness of drawings by skillful use of color.

  1. B. Tsvetkov traveled a lot to enterprises, worked in visiting editorial offices of “Crocodile” at the Barnaul Chemical Plant, in Petropavlovsk in Kazakhstan. He has been in construction teams constructing new agricultural facilities. He also participated in the visiting editorial office of the newspaper “Pravd” at the Balakhninsky Combine.

Along with magazine and newspaper cartoons, Tsvetkov was engaged in social satirical posters, including anti-clerical ones: “This is how another hypocrite lives, all his life between heaven and earth!” (1975). The artist was also a master of sharp caricature, deeply revealing the character of the person being portrayed.

Member of the Union of Artists of the USSR.

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