Turin Vladimir

Lipetsk, Russia



Was born 21 november 1948, village Levashovka Lev Tolstoi region of Lipetsk.
Education : middle-technical, middle-specialization (technician-mechanic, guitarist), worked driver, painter, mechanic, director of sector, artistic-head. The first caricatures , storys and poems were published in the region newspaper in 1979. The first publication caricatures in the central press, this magazine ” Club and artistic amateur 1981″.
Then publication caricatures in newspaper ” Pravda”, ” Komsomol Pravda”, ” Sovetskaya Russia”, “Razvitie”, “Moskvichka”, ” Vibor” and other newspaper, magazines : ” Turist”, ” Podyem”, “Club artstistic amateur 1981″. Poems, storys , caricatures were published in other editions. Participant of international exhibition caricatures. Books were printed. One of my books ” Stop moment” send now. I have several inventions, one of those more perspective Responses were published when I started to write poems in the newspaper.

Reference: BEC (the Big Encyclopedia of Caricature), 2017

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