Trofimov Dmitriy

Moscow, Russia

He was born on May 25, 1973 in the Kaliningrad (Korolev) Moscow region.
He graduated from the technical school.
Godovikova and the Kaliningrad Aviation College, specializing in aircraft electronic engineer of the Aircraft, in 1995.
Worked at Strela-Star SPC as a 4-st category fitter, journalist, artist and head of the PRESSA warehouse, in the advertising company Ai and Ai “In the post of the artist, in the Publishing House” World of News “the main artist, the head of the illustrations department, in the Max Gribov design studio” Expo Video Service “- the illustrator. The first illustration was published in 1990, (“The Herald of the Geroldist”). Published in the periodicals: “Kapital”, “Antenna”, Finnish “Fokus”, “World of News”, “Wheel of Laughter”, “Power Motors”, “Speed-Info”, “Trud”, “Sobesednik”, “Financist” – more than a hundred. Member of the competitions in Knokke-Heist and the competition from the firm “Prestigio”. The Prestigio Prize winner for 2007 is a special prize. Conducted two solo exhibitions at the All-Russia Exhibition Center. Three author’s collections of cartoons were published (one of them together with I.Varchenko and V.Ivanov “For Three”)
The best design of the year at the 17th Moscow International Advertising Festival “Red Apple 2007” – the first two, the second and the diploma of the difference in the nomination of the best branding from companies and individuals. In the “World of News” – the best cover of the year – the “golden” and “silver” cyclops.

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