Топор Ролан / Topor Roland

Сюрреалист, художник, карикатурист, мультипликатор, сценарист, телережиссер, актер, прозаик, драматург.

Родился в 1938 г. в Париже в семье польского иммигранта.

В начале 60-х годов Ролан Топор вместе со своими друзьями, такими же беженцами и странниками в мире реальном и вымышленном – драматургом Аррабалем и писателем Ходоровским – создает группу “Паника”. Он начинает не только рисовать карикатуры, ставшие сейчас классикой искусства 20 века, но и сочинять романы, рассказы и пьесы. Любое творчество увлекает его: он рисует мультфильмы, пишет стихи для песен, иллюстрирует книги, снимается в кино.


Author, draughtsman, Roland Topor is born in Paris from Polish emigrated parents. He is registered in the Art schools and publishes for the first time of the drawings and the tales in the reviews Bizarre, Arts, the Laughter, Fiction. From 1961 to 1965, it collaborates in the Hara-Kiri review and melts the Group “Panics” with Arrabal, Jodorowsky and Sternberg. Since it took part in many exposures in France and Europe whose that of the Group Panics in 1972 with the Large Palate. A great retrospective Topor, death and the devil was devoted to him to Manchener Stadtmuseum in 1985. It also carried out emissions of television of which T�l�chat (156 episodes for children with Henri Xhonneux), Merci Bernard and De luxe hotel with Jean-Michel Ribes. It wrote many plays whose first Joko celebrates its anniversary was created in 1975 with the Theatre of Pocket of Brussels, then given in 1990 to the Theatre of Od�on in a setting in scene of Jean-Louis Jacopin. Its last part the Winter under the table was created with the Flemish Theatre of Brussels in 1996, for which Roland Topor carried out the setting in scene, the decoration and the costumes. He is also the author with Jean-Michel Ribes de Batailles, operated theatrical represented with the Theatre of the Athenaeum in 1983. He carried out the decorations and the costumes of Antoine and Cl�op�tre de Shakespeare in Staatstheater de Kassel, the Udders of Tir�sias to the Opera of Lille, the Magic Flute of Mozart to the Viola Theater d’ Essen, Vinci was right with the Experimental Theatre of Brussels, spectacle of which he also signed the setting in scene. In 1992, it put in scene and created the decorations and the costumes of Ubu King d’ Alfred Jarry at the National Theatre of Chaillot. With the cinema, it worked as actor in Nosferatu of Werner Herzog, a love of Swann de Volker Schl�ndorff, as draughtsman of the Magic lantern of Casanova de Fellini and like realizer of the Disease of Hamburg with Peter Fleischmann and Otto J�gersberg, and Marquis with Henri Xhonneux. In 1994, a film of Gerhard Thiel the Dreams of Topor was diffused on ARTE within the framework of one Th�ma evening. Roland Topor obtained the Great Price of Arts of the town of Paris.




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