Timm Georg

Saint Petersburg, Russia

21.06.1820 - 19.04.1895

Cartoonist, engraver, book graphic artist, battle artist.


Russian Russian painter and graphic artist Vasily Fedorovich Timm (Georg Wilhelm Timm; June 21, 1820, Sorgenfrei, now Riga — April 19, 1895, Berlin) was a Russian painter and graphic artist from the Ostsee Germans; creator of battle and genre scenes, academician of the Academy of Arts (since 1855), publisher of the “Russian Art Leaflet”.

Vasily Fedorovich Timm, was born in the Sorgenfray estate, now Riga, in the family of Burgomaster Friedrich Wilhelm Timm.

Timm received his initial art education in his hometown, and then, after moving to St. Petersburg, he attended classes of the Imperial Academy of Arts as an outsider, in which his main mentors were Professor A. I. Sauerweid and K. K. Klodt.

For his success in battle painting, he was awarded two silver medals from the Academy, small and large. Timm graduated from the Academy in 1839, with the title of artist of the XIV class. Five years after that, he went to Paris, worked there under the guidance of O. Vernet, made a trip from there to Algeria and, participating in Paris salons, attracted the attention of art lovers with paintings “Russian Courier”, “Taking Smala” and “Arab improviser at the Babel-Ueda Tower, in Algeria”.

Returning to St. Petersburg in 1849, he took part in illustrating the famous collection “Our Russians Decommissioned from nature” and many other publications. He gets close to F. Bulgarin and N. Grech, takes part in the artistic design of their works. The main part of Timm’s engravings is made in the technique of woodcut and lithography. Contemporaries called him the Russian Gavarni for the elegance and subtle humor of book graphics. Many Russian bibliophiles devoted their works and funds to collecting Timm’s publications.

Timm traveled a lot in Russia, visited the Caucasus, where there was still a struggle with the highlanders, and during the Crimean campaign he was with the grand dukes who participated in it. For his watercolor and pencil drawings, a large number of which are in the albums of persons of the imperial family, the Imperial Academy of Arts in 1855 elevated him to the rank of academician.

Starting in 1851, with the Highest permission, he began publishing a periodical collection of lithographs with a small explanatory text, under the title: “Russian Art Leaflet”, in which he placed both his own drawings on stone and those executed by other artists. Most of the drawings were transferred to the lithographic stone by Timm himself. The magazine was published for 11 years, from 1851 to 1862 — until the artist stopped publishing due to eye disease.

Shortly after the publication of the “Russian Art Leaflet” was discontinued, Timm left for Germany and in the last years of his life was in charge of a private ceramic institution in Berlin. According to V. F. Timm’s drawings from the “Russian Art Leaflet”, the engraver I. P. Zhalostin and the artist N. S. Efimov, who lived in Solotch and were preparing for admission to the Academy of Arts, perfected their skills.


Reference: Wikipedia, 2010

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