I. What constitutes the main content of the work is the basis of scientific research, report, is the subject of conversation, etc.
II. Melodically completed musical structure, which is the main motive of a musical work or part of it and serves as the subject of further development; the main motive of a musical work.
III. The form taken as the basis of declension or conjugation (in linguistics) . topic -s, 1) Subject, the main content of the narrative, images, research, as well as the subject of conversation, …>> topic Syn: subject, question.
Lingvo Encyclopedic Dictionary
In a cartoon, the “theme” is not only a plot, but also a plot, a grotesque move that should reveal the idea, the “grain” of the drawing. That is, the “theme” itself, as a plot, is not sufficient to determine the dignity of the caricature.
In addition, the “theme” refers to drawings combined under a common plot move, which creates a kind of thematic heading having a conditional name accepted among cartoonists, such as: “around the corner”, “desert island”, “Pinocchio”, etc.


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