Scherbov Pavel

Gatchina, Russia; Saint Petersburg, Russia

15.06.1866 - 07.01.1938

Cartoonist, graphic artist

Scherbov Pavel Egorovich (1866, St. Petersburg – 1938, Gatchina), graphic caricaturist. He studied at the Academy of Arts in 1885-1886. His sharply satirical drawings and water-colours portray the literary and artistic life of St. Petersburg at the turn of the centuries in such caricatures as The Russo-Finland Exhibition, (1898, State Russian Museum) The Market of the 20th Century (1908, State Tretyakov Gallery), cartoons The Mate Family (1900), Chaliapin Putting On His Make Up, Dyaghilev’s Triumph. A New Minerva, (the 1900s, all reposited in the State Russian Museum). He contributed to Shut, Lukomorye and other journals and took part in exhibitions of the Society of Russian Watercolourists and World of Art. He lived at 4 Chekhova Street from 1911 (the house was built in 1911 by architect S.S. Krichinsky; in 1992 the building was converted into Scherbov’s Manor Museum). In 1919 he assumed the office of the assistant curator of the Gatchina Palace. He was buried at the local cemetery.

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