Shevchenko Vadim

Kiev, Ukraine

Cartoonist, graphic artist, illustrator, designer
Born on May 5, 1964, in Kiev.
Graduated from the Kiev State Art Institute (Academy of Arts), Graphic Faculty, specialty graphic artist, in 1988 (excellent diploma).
He worked in the following publications: the magazine “Ukraine” (illustrator, 1988 – 1991), the newspaper “Law and Business” (art editor, 1991 – 1994), the newspaper “Kommersant of Ukraine” (art editor, 1994 – 1995), the newspaper “Business” (illustrator, 1995 – 1996), the Omega-Print company (designer, 1996), the Sens advertising agency (designer, 1997), the newspaper “Excitement from MSL” (art director since 1997). He published the first cartoon in the magazine “Ukraine” (1988). Published in magazines: “Ukraine”, “Odnoklassnik”, “Class”, “Lecturer’s Tribune”, “OOPS!” (“Oops!”, from the publishing house “Burda”), “Zephyr”, “Technique”, “Leader plus”, “Penthouse” (Ukrainian edition), “Capital”, “Correspondent”, “Editor-in-Chief”, “Crocodile”, “Crocodile in Ukraine”, “Crocodile plus”, “Pepper”, “Business Magazine”, “Real Game”, “Internet.UA”, “Ukrainian Energy Policy”, “Dossier of leisure”, “Our leisure”, “LOOKS International”, “Lel Review”, “Autofotosale”, “Vsesmih” (Canada), “Samovar” (Germany) and others. In newspapers: “Law and Business”, “Business”, “Kommersant of Ukraine”, “Telenedelya”, “Pancake”, “Capital News”, “Kiev Vedomosti”, “Time”, “Democratic Ukraine”, “Newspaper in Kiev”, “Independence”, “Excitement from MSL”, etc.
Participant of more than 50 caricature contests in more than 20 countries. Winner of more than 20 international caricature contests.
He held 6 solo exhibitions, in 1994 – an exhibition at the Foundation of Culture of Ukraine (Kiev), in 1997 – an exhibition at the private research institute FAT GmbH in Berlin (Germany). In 2002 – three personal exhibitions: at the Culture Fund of Ukraine, at the House of Culture of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (Kiev), at the Museum of Local Lore in Brovary (Kiev region), and In 2003 a personal exhibition was held at the Museum of Books and Printing (Kiev, Kiev-Pechersk Lavra).
The author’s collection of cartoons “Vadim Shevchenko, Cartoons” (2001) is a permanent and active participant in the events of the Association of Cartoonists of Ukraine.Author of a series of articles about the humor festival and the cartoon contest in Gabrovo in the newspaper “Azart” and other publications.Member of the cartoonists club. Member of the Association of Cartoonists of Ukraine (Kiev). He was a member of the youth section of the Union of Artists. Master of Arts. Member of the international organization “Art without Borders” (Moscow). In 1991, he took advanced training courses in design in Moscow, engaged in wall paintings, interior design, classical painting, advertising, computer graphics. Worked and collaborated with advertising agencies. Developed logos, corporate styles. He did illustrations and cover designs for books in various publishing houses, as well as posters, postcards, calendars, etc.

Reference: BEC (the Big Encyclopedia of Caricature), 2010





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