Shanks Bruce

United States

29.01.1908 - 12.04.1980


American cartoonist born in Buffalo, New York, on January 29, 1908. Raised in Buffalo, Bruce Shanks secured a job with the Buffalo Express as a copyboy-cartoonist just after graduation from high school. Two years later he became a regular cartoonist for the Buffalo Times, and four years later, in 1933, he joined the Evening News, where he remained as political cartoonist. He retired from full-time cartooning in 1974 and now freelancers about one cartoon a month to the News from his home in Florida.

Shank’s cartoons are rendered in brush and ink. with crayon shading on grained paper. The influence of Vaughn Shoemaker is much in evidence, although Shank’s products are drawn a little more stiffly, with a firmer line and less detail. Among his many awards (Freedoms Foundation. Christopher, National Safety Council) is the Pulitzer Prize of 1958 for work done the previous year.

the World Encyclopedia of Cartoons 1981

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