Sysoev Vyacheslav

Moscow, Russia

30.10.1937 - 02.03.2006


He was born on October 30, 1937 in Moscow.
He had no special artistic education.
Since 1975, he took an active part in uncensored exhibitions in Moscow and Leningrad. No publications in the USSR were not, because the authorities considered his work anti-Soviet.

The first publications in the West – in 1976.
Since 1976, member of the City Committee of Graphic Artists.
In 1979, on the instructions of the KGB, a criminal case was filed about the distribution of pornography.
In 1979-1983 Sysoev was in hiding.
Numerous publications in the Western press
In 1980 he published a monograph in Paris.
In 1983-1985 – arrest and serving of punishment in the criminal camp.
In 1983, the first book (Paris)
In 1986-1987, a large graphic series was created about Chernobyl
In 1987 – the first publications in the homeland.
In 1989, the second book (Paris)
Since 1989 he lives in Germany.
Since 1994 – chief editor of the literary and artistic almanac “Ostrov”
Since 1995, a member of the Russian PEN Center.
Since 1995 he works in the field of computer graphics.
In 1998 he published a CD with 1400 of his works.
In 2003 in Moscow there was a monograph “All is well mum”.
In 2004, the publishing house UFO (Moscow) published the book “Walk quietly, speak quietly.”

Personal exhibitions in Moscow and Leningrad (1989-2004), Paris, Oslo, Hamburg, Berlin, etc.

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