Sviridenko Nikolay

Tashkent, Uzbekistan



Born in 1939, the USSR, in Uzbekistan,
learning : – 1946 -1955 – school,
1955 – 1957 – RU.
1958 – 1961 – service in the army
1967 – graduated from Tashkent Aviation Technical School
1969 – Institute for Advanced Studies (Rostov on Don)
Worked as a technologist, designer, at the plant
1973 – professional artist:
(graphics, a poster, a monumental painting,
mosaic, chasing, modeling, sculpture-concrete, gypsum, wood)
1977-1988 – non-standard artist of the republican magazine
satire and humor “Mushtum” and the children’s magazine “Guncha”
The first cartoon was printed in the magazine “Mushtum” in 1977.

Member of the Graphic Section of Uzbekistan
Member of the Union of Bard Movement of Uzbekistan.
There are small collections (samizdat) – poems, songs, aphorisms, epigrams.

Participant of more than one hundred international exhibitions.
Awards – second, third places, special prizes, diplomas:
THE USSR. Russia, Uzbekistan. Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Korea.
Bulgaria. China. Spain. Poland Slovakia. Croatia.
Egypt. Turkey. Iran. Serbia. Belgium. Brazil, Colombia



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