Svetozarov Georgy

Saint Petersburg, Russia

01.05.1947 - 26.05.2019


He began to engage in caricature by visiting the Political Poster and Caricature Studio.
In the 60s – 70s, he was the youngest author of the Boevoy Karandash war poster association.

Was a member of the Leningrad club of caricaturists since its foundation in 1975. Since 1976, for several years was the Chairman of the Club.

He was awarded at many domestic and foreign caricature competitions.
Since 1978 he worked as an artist, and then as an art editor in the newspapers Leninskiye Iskri and Pyatiy Ugol, in magazines Iskorka and Aurora.
Collaborated with many other publishing houses. Illustrated and made a great number of books.
For the last five years, he was designing electronic books. Compiled and published a small book on the history of the Leningrad
cartoonists club (2016) and autobiography in illustrations (2018).

High professionalism, virtuosic graphic technique, wit, and impeccable artistic taste. He was highly respected and admired by his colleagues in the community of caricaturists of Leningrad.

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