Srbljanin Predrag

Novi Sad, Serbia


Born 1954 in the village Batrovci. In 1977 graduated at the Electrical Engineering College in Subotica. Worked as an Engineer in Subotica and as a Teacher in the High Technical School in Novi Sad. In 1992 left the job and came back to the village Batrovci. Drawing cartoons from 1978 and has published in Yugoslav papers and magazines. Designed rock record covers and wrote lyrics for rock songs. In 1993 published “Cook Book for Kids” (lyrics and illustrations). In 1998 illustrated second book. In 1996 and 1997 participated at the Celebrate Exhibitions “The 80 Years of the Canard Enchaine (Paris)”. In 2003 returned to Novi Sad.


Omiya, Karniyubetsu, Bree, Glen, Knokke-Heist, Boechout, Kruishoutern, Trent, Salo, Fano, Foligno, Cuneo, Deventer, Rathdrum, Essen, Legnica, Tehran, Istanbul, Haifa, Porto, Kyiv, Skopje, Taixing, Plsek, Kragujevac, Kovin, Belgrade, Zemun, Novosibirsk, Hyderabad, (Over 60 Exhibitions).

1993 – Kamiyubetsu – “Works of Special Merit”
1996 – Haifa – “Excellent Prize”
1997 – Kovin – ‘Special Diploma”
2002 – Taixing – “Golden Award”


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