Спенглер Фрэнк / Spangler Frank

Родился в 1881-м году в Спрингфилд, Агайо. Фрэнк обучался искусству в государственных школах и в течение короткого периода обучения в колледже, но ища работу в газетах, он получил её в художественном отделе местной газеты. В 1905-м он стал карикатуристом в рекламной the Montgomery (Ala.). В 1912 он возглавлял художественный отдел газеты Grit (еженедельник, публикуемый в Уильямспорте, Пенсильвания). До своей смерти в 1946-м, он жил и занимался карикатурой в Монтгомери.



American cartoonist born in Springfield, Ohio, in 1881. Frank (“Spang”) Spangler studied art in public schools and for a short college term, but seeking a career in newspapers. He secured a job in the art department of a local paper. By 1905 he was offered the post of editorial cartoonist with the Montgomery (Ala.) Advertiser. Except for a period before 1912 when he headed the art department of Grit (a weekly newspaper published in Williamsport, Pennsylvania), the transplanted Northerner was a famous fixture in Montgomery, where he remained, cartooning, until his death in 1946. Spang was a powerful idea man and executed his cartoons in a dark, brooding crosshatch and/or crayon style. His caricatures could be realistic or grotesque. It was always evident that he was self-taught, but his overwhelming talent for clearly presenting strong opinions, coupled with a native sense of humor, made his work notable for 41 years. Spang was a highly individualistic cartoonist and deserves to be anthologized.


the World Encyclopedia of Cartoons 1981


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