Sliva Jiri

Prague, Czech Republic


Born 1947 in Pilsen, resident of Prague since 1966. After finishing studies in economics at the University of Prague, he worked for 8 years as a sociologist. Sliva’s first published drawings appeared in 1972. Since 1979, he has devoted his full time to cartooning, graphic art, illustration and painting. He has produced 13 cartoon books, published in Czech Rep., Germany, Switzerland, France and the USA.

His drawings have appeared in over 150 books, numerous Czech newspaper and in international journals such as Die Zeit Stern, New York Times, Nebelspalter, Die Welt, Los Angeles Times, Le Monde Diplomatique-

He makes also colour litographs, etchings and oil paintings.

Some prizes awarded to Sliva at cartoon festivals: First prize — at Knokke Heist, Belgium 1981, Bordighera, Italy 1985, Legnica Poland 1992, Eindhoven Holland 1998, Belgrade 2008.

Second prize — at Gabrovo, Bulgaria 1981, Skopje, Yugoslavia 1981,Tolentino, Italy 1981, Bordighera, Italy 1984, Surgut — Russia 2007, Legnica, Poland 2012.

Special prizes — Ankara, Berlin, Havana, Montreal, Siena-

Some one-man shows since 1980: Prague, Marienbad, Karlsbad, Ostende, Zürich, Lucerne, Budapest, Sofia, Paris, Berlin, Havana, Heidelberg, Warsaw, Mannheim, Rome, Hamburg, Brussels, Regensburg, Tel Aviv, PieStany, Salzburg, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Moscow,Vienna, Milan, Utrecht, New York, Ottawa, Tokio, Luxemburg, Nicosia, Cork /Ireland/, Cairo, Ljubljana.

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