Siguta Petr

Odessa, Ukraine

19.04.1955 - 09.11.2013


Peter Siguta was born on April 19, 1955. He graduated from the Odessa Institute of National Economy.
From 1977 to 1993 he served in the army, actively engaged in caricatures, participated in all-union and international competitions.
Since 1993 – a staff caricaturist of one of the Odessa newspapers, chief artist, editor in chief of several publications.
Since 1998 – director of the information agency “ProMedia”.
In addition to publishing activities, Peter Sigut paid special attention to the development of a caricature in Odessa. He dreamed of the opening of a house of satire and humor in Odessa.
It was under his supervision that international exhibitions of caricatures under the open sky on the City Day, on April 1, were held in our city. Petr Siguta also represented the works of Odessa cartoonists in the Belgorod-Dnestrovsky fortress, Haifa. It was extremely important for him to acquaint as much as possible Odessa citizens with art, on which you can laugh sincerely. He, the famous caricaturist of Odessa, had not only a sense of humor, but also compassion for other people. Sincere, always ready to come to the rescue, loved life, positive perception of the world, he attracted many people. It’s hard to imagine without a smile. So he will remain in the memory of those who knew him.

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