Semendyaev Sergey

Kiev, Ukraine


Cartoonist, graphic artist, designer

Born on April 6, 1953 in Berdyansk. Graduated from the Ukrainian Polygraphic Institute named after I. Fedorov in Lvov (1981). Specialty: book artist. He worked in book publishing houses in Kiev (“Veselka”), Dnepropetrovsk (“Promin”). He has designed more than 30 books. Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. Member of the Association of Cartoonists of Ukraine.
International Biennale Gabrovo-Prize of Central Balkan National Park- Bulgaria- 2007 International Biennale “Masters of caricature” –Special Prsze-Plovdiv,Bulgaria-2009 ІХ Cartoon Contest “Crisis” – II Prize –Kiev (Ukraine) – 2009 International Web- Contest “Smiling Cat” – 1 Prize-“Golden Cat” -2010 The First International cartoon Exhibition –First Prize- Sofia, Bulgaria -2010 31nd International Nasreddin Hodja Cartoon Contest-Prize TRT -Turkey – 2011 2th International cartoon competition “Dictatorship-Special Prize-Berlin,Germany-2011 6th International “Smiling Cat” cartoon contest- First Prize – 2013 International tourism cartoons competition-Turkey- Third Award- 2013 International Salon of antiwar cartoon-Serbia- Award-2015 International cartoon competition “Golden Keg”-Third Award- Preshov,Slovakia-2015 7th International cartoon competition “Spying” –First Award-Berlin, Germany-2015 9th International Cartoon Contest “Urziceni”-Special Prize-Romania-2015 Cartoon contest – Haifa,Israel- Prize “Favorit public”-2016 International cartoon competition “Turhan Selcuk” –Third Award-Milas,Turkey-2016 International Cartoon Contest”New Year”, Braila, Romania – First Prize -2016 HumoDEVA International Cartoon Contest, Deva,Romania-Award of Excelence-2017 Biennial “Masters of Caricature” -Title “Master of Caricature”-Plovdiv,Bulgaria-2017 International Cartoon Festival “Itap Peyo”-Special Prize-Macedonia-2017 37th international Hodja Cartoon Contest –Prize Municipality Istambul-Turkey-2017 The 4th International competition of cartoons “Aleksandar Klas”-Diplom-Serbia-2017 International Cartoon Competition “Estonian Republic 100” III Prize- Tallinn,Estonia2017 11th International Cartoon Contest “Urziceni”-(Romania)- Special Prize – 2017 International Cartoon Contest “Chess”- II Prize- Kiev,Ukraine-2017 29th International Salon “Humor Volta Redonda”- II Prize, Volta Redonda,Brazilia-2017 50th World Gallery of cartoons- Special Prize-Skopje,Macedonia- 2018 13 th International Cartoon Contest “Urziceni”-Special Prize-Romania,-2019 and other…

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