Selcuk Turhan

Milas, Turkey

Cartoonist, comic artist

Born in Milas/Turkey in 1922
His first cartoon was published in the newspaper “TÜTksózii” in 1941. As he was permanently drawing for the most famous satire magazine of the day ”Akbaba’, he also published cartoons in the magazines “Aydede”, “Yon”, “Devrim Omegi’ and for the daily newspapers, Yeni istanbul, Milliyet and Akam. His works have not only been published in foreign magazines and newspapers all over the world, but also have been acquired by museums.
Mr.Selpuks national and international awards and his bright career crowned him as the “People’s Artist” in Turkey in 1971. His daily comic strip “Abdulcambaz” which he has been drawing for the past thirty years, fills up 36 books and has also been adapted for the stage.

BEC 1993

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